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Hand Surgery in Bhopal

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What is Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery Hand surgery refers to the surgeries of the wrist, the peripheral nerves of the upper limb and the hand itself. It also encompasses the reconstructive surgery which will improve the upper limb functions. Many injuries and the disorders of the hand are treated without a surgery and it can be done using splints, injections, tapping and hand physiotherapy. Typically, a hand surgery operation is performed as a day-case under the regional anesthetic (injected in above the shoulder or in the armpit in order to numb the entire arm); the patient will be slightly sedated or will be awake according to the preferences. General anesthesia or/and overnight stay in the hospital are unusual but might require for some of the operations done on the hand such as, in children or in the case of surgery is prolonged. A few operations will be able to perform under the local anesthesia (which is injected beneath the skin at the site of the surgery). The surgeon will use the fine instruments to handle the delicate structure in the hand of the patient, and the surgeon may use magnifying glasses or an operating microscope in order to repair if there are small nerves and arteries in the hand.

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