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Spine Surgery in Bhopal

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What is Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery The spinal cord is the important part of the organ system which is directly connected to the brain and peripheral system. Back pain occurs due to constant bending of the spine and seating hours together. Unhealthy practices like lack of sleep, no workout and improper work life lead to the back ache. Fortunately, it can be treated with medicines and simple exercises, but if ignored can lead to a spinal surgery. Out of many surgeries available, popular are mentioned below: Foraminotomy: In this procedure, surgeons remove the tissues which squash the nerves in the spinal area. While the process of surgery, the specialists eliminate parts of the bone that hold the nerves in the spinal column. Laminectomy: This type of surgery is the widely recognized type of spinal surgery with conditions like spondylolisthesis and stenosis. It involves elimination of some part of backbone to soothe force on the spinal nerves. It is usually done in combination with spine fusion surgery when the spine is not stable. Spinal disc replacement: This kind of surgery is not very known and popular, yet it is a new surgical treatment technique for back pain. A disc, which is prepared mechanically is fitted in place of the damaged spinal disc, which is situated between Vertebrae. Spine fusion: In this method of surgery two vertebrae are consolidated to improve spine stability which results in restricted movements and confines elongation of nerves. Discectomy: In this form of surgery, the herniated disc in the vertebrae is treated. A plate isolates two vertebrae and on the off chance that it herniates inwards it pushes on the spinal nerves bringing on agony.

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