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What is Perinatology?

Perinatology is the branch of obstetrics, will deal with the period around childbirth. The services done by a perinatologist are used when a pregnancy is considered as high-risk level. These specialists will work in a hospital by providing all the medical and also surgical cares to expecting mothers and babies, and they may work side by side with genetic counselors, regular obstetricians, and other medical specialists who can provide supportive care. This field is also known as maternal-fetal medicine. Before birth, a perinatologist can conduct genetic tests and other exams to determine the health of the fetus and estimate the risk of complications. He or she can also provide medical management of a pregnancy if it is considered high risk, as might be the case in a multiple pregnancies, or a pregnancy in which the mother has a chronic illness or is of advanced age. The perinatologist goal is to ensure that the pregnancy runs as smoothly as possible. Treatments: Fetal surgeries, minimally invasive fetal surgery, open fetal surgery, post-natal treatment, prenatal diagnosis.

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