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What is Oncology ?

Oncology is the study of cancer, and anyone who practices this field of medicine is an oncologist. In general, an oncologist works with a patient through all the steps of cancer that include diagnosis, therapy, follow-up. At times, they also provide palliative or hospice care if needed. If your regular physician suspects that you might have cancer, theyll refer you to an oncologist. The subsets of oncology are: Surgical oncology - Deals with tumour removal, radiation, paediatric, and gynecologic and so on. Few oncologists who only deal with specific diseases, like breast or pancreatic cancer. There is a specific branch of oncology in the field of veterinary medicine, for treating animals with cancer. Additional to the conventional methods of oncology, there is also the growing field of integrative oncology, that complements western medicine with alternative therapies, like acupuncture, botanical herbs, or dietary changes. Treatments: Chemotherapy, Hormonal Therapy , Immunotherapy, Biological or Targeted Therapies , Brachytherapy Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, Intensity Modulated Radiation, Therapy, Leukemia Unit & Inpatient Chemotherapy, Three-dimensional Conformal, Radiation Therapy.

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