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What is Stomatology?

Stomatology is a medical discipline that related to the study of the mouth. It was a recognized medical speciality in a plenty of regions globally, though people nowadays are more likely to refer to it as dental medicine, depending on where theyre located. Yet it is possible to specialize in stomatology as a discipline in some countries that is separate from dentistry. Stomatologists, study the anatomy and physiology of the body, like other medical professionals, in this case focusing on the mouth and the structures related to that, to learn about the anatomy of healthy people. It includes teeth and learning about how it forms, the roles of teeth in the mouth, combined with studies of the mucus membranes in the mouth, the palate and the jaw. A stomatologist can use multiple diagnostic tools in order to identify problems in the mouth, to explore the possibility of bacterial infection and blood work to see if oral problems are causing systemic problems. Treatments: Root canal treatment, Bridges, Crowns, Fillings, Scale and polish, Braces, Wisdom tooth removal, Dental implants.

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