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What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is considered as a specialist area of healthcare that is associated with medicine which involves care and maintenance of lower limb as well as foot conditions. Podiatrists aim to improve the mobility, independence, and the general quality of life of the patients. Additionally, a podiatrist can treat on a whole host of foot and any foot related conditions. If an individual feels any sharp pain in his/her feet, then this is the way of your body telling you that something is absolutely wrong. These foot problems can be prevented by visiting a podiatrist when a person opt for a regular foot health check-up. The qualified podiatrists will be able to use the term either ‘chiropodist’ or ‘podiatrist’. Podiatry is, in fact, the same name as foot specialists overseas and it also reflects the complete extent of our scope of practice and training. Treatments: Forefoot surgery, Midfoot surgery, Rearfoot surgery, Ankle surgery, Soft tissue leg surgery.

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