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What is Ophthalmologists?

The field of medicine which deals with the treatment, diagnosis, as well as prevention of the eye diseases and visual system is known as Ophthalmology. The eye, its visual system and the surrounding structures can be affected by a number of clinical conditions and the diagnosis and therapy of such conditions are involved in Ophthalmology, along with microsurgery. Nowadays, Eye health services are becoming more crucial as the population ages. There are more incidences of age-related diseases of the eye, including age-related macular degeneration. These diseases can be successfully treated if caught early. They can also be managed effectively with existing medicines and effective treatments. Cataracts are the root cause of impaired vision globally. Millions and millions of people whose age are 65 or above have some degree of visual impairment specifically caused by cataracts. Treatments: Low Vision Treatment, Laser Iridotomy, Filtration, Selective laser trabeculoplasty, Refractive surgery, Vitreo-retinal surgery, Corneal surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, Eye, muscle surgery, Eyelid surgery.

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