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What is Neurology?

Neurology is concerned with diseases and disorders of the nervous system. The term neurology comes from a fusion of two words. Neuron - nerve & logia - the study of. There are perhaps a hundred billion neurons in a human brain, that are capable of generating their own impulses as well as receiving and transmitting the impulses from neighbouring cells. Neurology is a study of these nervous systems - The peripheral nervous system, the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. In addition, the structural and functional disorders of a humans nervous system ranging from birth defects to degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. The study also involves comprehending interpreting imaging and electrical studies. For instance, the imaging studies used include CT - computed tomography scans and MRI - magnetic resonance imaging scans. An ECG can be used to assess the electrical activity of the brain amid the diagnosis of conditions like epilepsy. Also, the Neurologists diagnose infections of the nervous system by analysing the CSF - cerebrospinal fluid, a clear fluid which surrounds your brain and spinal cord. Treatments: Vascular Surgery, Stereotactic Surgery, Micro- neurosurgery, Epilepsy Surgery, Cognitive disorder treatments, Vestibular treatments, Spine Surgery (Neurology), Multiple sclerosis treatments.

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