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Brachytherapy in Bhopal

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What is Brachytherapy?

Brachytherapy This is a form of radiotherapy where a sealed radiation source will be placed inside or next to the area requiring that requires treatment. In common, Brachytherapy is used as an effective treatment for prostate, breast, cervical, as well as skin cancer and can also be used for treating tumours in many other body parts. The results have demonstrated that the cancer cure rates of this treatment are either comparable to EBRT and surgery or are it is improved when combined with these techniques. It can be used alone or in the combination with other therapies like EBRT, surgery, and chemotherapy. Brachytherapy varies with unsealed source radiotherapy in which the radioisotope is injected into a patients body to chemically localize the tissue that requires destruction. Also, it contrasts to EBRT, where A high-energy x-ray or gamma-rays (occasionally) from a radioisotope are pointed at the tumour from outside the body. Instead, Brachytherapy involves the accurate placement of short-range radioisotopes directly at the cancerous tumour. They are enclosed in a secured wire or capsule, that allows the ionizing the radiation to treat as well as kill the surrounding tissue by preventing body fluids. Possibly, the capsules will be removed later, or it may be allowed to remain in place. As the radiation is localized the exposure to radiation of healthy tissues are reduced from the sources. Amid treatment, if the patient moves or any movement of the tumour within the patients body amid treatment, the radiation sources retain their precise position in relation to the tumour. Thus, it prevents the damage of healthy tissues.

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