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Ablation in Bhopal

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What is Ablation?

It is a procedure of treating atrial fibrillation (Afib) which is a type of irregular heartbeat. You doctor will try ablation if the medications and resetting your heartbeat which is called as cardioversion doesnt work. What Are the Types of Ablation? Catheter ablation which is also called as pulmonary vein ablation or radiofrequency is not a surgery and it is the least invasive option. Your doctor will put a flexible and thin tube into a blood vessel in your neck or leg and then it is guided to your heart. Your doctor will use cold, heat, or radio energy to scar some tissue inside the heart, from where the irregular beats triggers. That treated issue will help your heartbeat get regular again. The surgical ablation will involve cutting inside your chest. It is sometimes also called as maze procedure. In some cases of Afib people can have surgery or keyhole surgery which uses a robot. All these will allow your doctor to make several small incisions instead of the bigger ones which are done in the open-heart surgery. In some cases, these options are called as modified amaze procedures. The doctor will put a tiny robot or video camera into your chest, which will guide the creation of the scar tissue that can help in keeping your heartbeat at the right place. A more invasive maze procedure is following the open heart surgery.

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